Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth

What is Vangelis Marinakis Net Worth?

Considering that Marinakis has been in the music industry for several decades, it is a bit hard to gauge how much her net worth is. But as we learn more about her life, we can get a better idea.


Maritime mogul Evangelos Marinakis has been a leading figure in the international shipping industry. His father, Miltiadis Marinakis, is a successful ship owner from Crete, and Marinakis has followed in his father’s footsteps. Besides the shipping business, Evangelos has also invested in the Greek football industry and is currently the chairman of an American Stock Exchange-listed company. He also serves as the owner of Nottingham Forest F.C. Amongst his other interests, Evangelos also serves on the board of directors of the Union of Greek Shipowners.

Evangelos Marinakis’ life has been very tumultuous. He is known for his generosity, his connections to Greek politics and his involvement in Greek football. However, his reputation has been damaged by an investigation into drugs shipments.

Marinakis is also being investigated for financing an element of the drug smuggling. The case has become a national obsession in Greece. Besides the smuggling investigation, Marinakis has also been accused of verbally abusing a referee during a game. He has been banned from entering the field of play for five months, but his ban was reduced to two months on appeal.

Early life

Known as Vangelis in Greece, Evangelos Marinakis is a Greek media magnate and shipping tycoon. He has been involved in the shipping industry since his early days. He founded Capital Maritime Trading Corporation, a shipping firm he now serves as CEO of.

He also owns English football club Nottingham Forest. He is also the president of the Superleague Greece. He has a large amount of assets and is known for his philanthropy. He is also known for his involvement in Greek politics. He has served as the first member of Piraeus City Council.

Evangelos Marinakis is also the owner of Piraeus’ football club Olympiacos. The team is a local club that has a lot of success over the past several years. The club has won ten championships and ranked 21st in Europe.

Evangelos Marinakis’ wife is Athanasia Marinaki. They have four children together. She is a descendent of the famous Ypsilantis family, which was the leading family in Greece for many years. She is also the sister of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.


Having been born in Piraeus, Greece, Evangelos Marinakis has forged a successful career in the maritime industry. The Greek shipping tycoon has also contributed significantly to the community, and has a net worth of $650 million.

He is a major shareholder and chairman of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp. This international shipping company transports a wide range of cargoes, including container ships and dry bulk carriers. It also operates auxiliary firms and has ventures in the dry mass market. The company has more than 70 vessels worldwide.

Evangelos Marinakis has also made a significant contribution to the community through his involvement with several causes. He helped fund a bust of Alexander Ypsilantis in Athens and has pledged to donate EUR80,000 a year for ten years to the historical center in Greece for Nikos Kazantzakis. He has also funded the construction of parks in the Piraeus City Council. He has also been involved in fundraising initiatives to build schools in Cephalonia.


Known as the richest Director in Greece, Evangelos Marinakis is also a media mogul and the owner of Greek football club Olympiacos. He has also been awarded the Lloyd’s List “Greek Shipping Personality of the Year” award.

Evangelos Marinakis was born in Piraeus, Greece, on July 30, 1967. He graduated from the American International University in London, United Kingdom, with a BA in International Business Administration. He then went on to earn an MSc in International Relations. Currently, he is the CEO of Capital Product Partners, a global delivery organization.

Marinakis has been involved with several family-owned businesses. He is also the Chairman of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp., a shipping and logistics company headquartered in Pireus, near Athens. The company operates over 70 vessels.

Evangelos Marinakis also owns two yachts. He also has a house in London. Currently, he spends his time between Athens and London. He is also the owner of Nottingham Forest football club.

Marinakis is a prominent supporter of the Greek not-for-profit associations. He has donated a significant amount of money to a number of organizations. He also supported the UNDP Match Against Poverty, which raised more than $500 000 for Haitian and Pakistan tremor victims.

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