Ernie Haase Net Worth

A Look at Ernie Haase Net Worth

Despite his success as a professional athlete, Ernie Haase has also been known to enjoy a great social life. This has led him to have a large social media presence. As a result, you may have noticed that Ernie has been able to build a high net worth. However, how does he manage to balance all his commitments?


Known as the tenor singer of The Cathedrals, Ernie Haase is a renowned Southern gospel vocalist. He grew up in Newburgh, Indiana, and attended Oakland City College on a basketball scholarship. He also sang with the gospel group Noblemen. He joined Redeemed in 1986. He had several solo opportunities after Cathedrals.

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is a Southern gospel vocal quartet founded by Ernie Haase. The group has a contemporary sound that incorporates influences from traditional Southern gospel groups. The quartet is known for its energetic live performances. The group released a Christmas album in 2012.

The group has performed the National Anthem for the NBA, the NFL, and the NCAA. It also appeared on the TV show Stand by Me.

Ernie Haase grew up as a fan of The Cathedrals. He attended Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana, and joined the group as a teenager. He later performed with Old Friends Quartet, a group formed by former Cathedrals members. He performed with the quartet from 2001 to 2003.


Throughout his career, Ernie Haase has become one of the most respected Southern gospel artists. His quartet is known for its distinctive four-part harmonies. They have sold millions of records worldwide.

Haase grew up in Newburgh, Indiana. He attended Oakland City College on a basketball scholarship. When he was a senior, he met his wife, Lisa. They married the same year. The couple still live together.

Ernie Haase is a Southern gospel artist who has released 32 albums. He has also toured with his quartet. He has appeared on NBC’s “Today” show and Prime Time Country. He has also appeared in Billy Graham crusades. He has recorded with gospel groups Earthlight, Noblemen, and Redeemed. He also joined the quartet of George Younce in 2003.

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound are an American Southern gospel group. They formed in 2002. The group’s first album, Here We Go Again, was released on StowTown Records. This album features a wide range of songs and is available on July 23.

Relationship with Younce

During his years as a gospel music singer, Ernie Haase has had several relationships. He met his wife, Lisa Younce, through his father-in-law. Younce was a bass vocalist for The Cathedrals Quartet.

They were married on December 8, 1990. The couple had been together for almost 30 years. Lisa Younce is predeceased by her father, George Younce. She is survived by her sister Gina Eroskey and niece Morgan Younce. She also has a sister, Dana Younce-Willis.

Ernie and Lisa have been very happy together. They married in the same year that they met. They had a courtship period after they first met. Haase eventually accepted Younce’s offer. They have toured with Bill Gaither. They have recorded several albums together. Haase’s group has been very busy in the past few years. They are releasing a new album in the fall. Haase also has a basketball camp for children this summer. He will also be making duet appearances with George Younce.

Social media presence

Whether you have been in the music business for many years or you are just beginning, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what social media is and how it can benefit you. For instance, if you are a singer or musician, you need to be able to use social media to engage with fans. You can also use it to promote your music. You can do this through videos, Facebook, and other social networking websites.

One of the most successful artists in the industry is Ernie Haase. He is a member of the renowned vocal quartet, the Cathedrals. He is a talented tenor who is known for his highly-developed creative talent, fine sense of harmony, and ability to produce outstanding music. His latest album, Something Beautiful, was a tribute to Bill and Gloria Gaither, and was nominated for a GRAMMY in the category of Best Roots Gospel Album. Ernie Haase’s talents can be used in many areas, including writing, performing, and visual arts.

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