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Eric Persson – A Maverick With a Net Worth

Having a great net worth is something that many of us dream about. But there are some people out there who are able to live out their dreams because they are able to overcome a lot of obstacles. Eric Persson is one of those people. His life has been full of struggles and he has had to deal with bad luck, but he managed to overcome it. He is a maverick and he is not afraid to take on challenges.

Game of poker

Known for his erratic table presence and high stakes poker wins, Eric Persson is a fixture in the poker world. He is the CEO of Maverick Gaming, a casino company based in Las Vegas. Maverick owns several card rooms and casinos in Washington and Oregon.

Persson was one of the most watched poker players on Live At the Bike, which averaged 5,000 viewers per night. Persson lost a $290,000 pot on the show to Eric Hicks. He also made a short list for the poker show’s producers.

Persson has a massive dragon tattoo on his chest. He has been in the gaming industry for over 19 years, beginning his career at age 18. His first job was as a slot technician at Las Vegas Sands. He then worked for Michael Gaughan at Coast Casinos.

Gambling industry

Despite being a member of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe of Washington, Eric Persson has become a maverick in the gambling industry. As owner of Maverick Gaming, he owns 19 cardrooms in Washington, with five more scheduled to open in the coming months. He has spent a lot of money on political campaigns and lobbyists. But he’s not afraid to play a few hands at the table.

Persson says he wants to establish Maverick as the leading gaming company in his home state. He says he’s not trying to subvert tribal sovereignty. Instead, he says sports betting would boost revenue and draw crowds to his card rooms.

Persson has been in the industry for 19 years. He was a slot machine manager for Las Vegas Sands Corporation for 10 years. He has worked at several casinos, including the Venetian Resort and the Orleans. He was also the President and General Manager of Aruze Gaming. He was responsible for the company’s sales and operations teams in North America and South America.


Founder of Maverick Gaming and CEO of Maverick Energy, Eric Persson is no small time player. He has spent 19 years in the gambling industry. Before founding Maverick Gaming, Persson held executive positions at Palazzo, Venetian Resort, Harrah’s Las Vegas and Wheeling Island Racetrack. He also runs 27 casinos in Nevada.

Eric Persson is no stranger to politics. His wife and Kirkland Mayor Sweet have a foundation named “Maverick Cares” that gave 8,000 Thanksgiving meals to families in card room communities. He is a proud member of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and plans to retire from his role in the gaming industry when his son is old enough.

The Maverick Gaming company owns more than a dozen commercial card rooms in Washington state. It’s no secret that Persson isn’t shy about spending money on lobbyists and other perks of being a CEO. In addition to the maverick, he has also made it a point to hire an experienced legal team.

Bad luck

During a poker match between Eric Persson and Phil Hellmuth, Hellmuth’s antics and behavior began a fracas. Many poker fans felt that Hellmuth’s reaction was unusual given his frequent outbursts. They also felt that his actions were bizarre, especially considering the fact that he had poor hands.

In response, Persson criticized Hellmuth’s behavior. He stated that he did not believe Hellmuth was a genuine player. He also called Hellmuth a narcissist and a bad actor. He said that he has been playing poker professionally since age 18, and that he has spent more than 30,000 hours at the tables. He also says that he would like to take on Hellmuth again.

The fracas became a popular topic of conversation on social media. Many players were glad to see Hellmuth get some treatment from Persson.

Double-bird moment

During his time as the head of Las Vegas Sands Corp, Eric Persson was part of a committee that selected Sweden’s national football team for the 1958 FIFA World Cup. He was also a part of an organization that helped Jewish refugees escape the Nazi occupation of Denmark.

As a member of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Persson was close to the nation’s top brass. He was awarded the O.M.M.M.O., or Order of the Elephant, which is the highest order in Denmark. He was also part of the committee that selected Sweden’s national football team of the 60’s and 70’s, a grueling job that required him to travel the world in a matter of months. Ultimately, Persson stepped down as chairman after the 1974 season. He was succeeded by Hans Cavalli-Bjorkman.

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