Elf On The Shelf Retirement Letter

How to Say Goodbye to Your Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf has quickly become an annual Christmas tradition for many families. The beloved toy has helped children anticipate holiday festivities while giving parents an effective way to monitor their child’s behavior. Unfortunately, however, some parents find this process too overwhelming; especially with all of the other holiday activities they must plan. When one mom decided it was time to bring George out from retirement she came up with an ingenious way to do it and shared her creative plan on social media.

There are various ways you can bid farewell to your Elf on the Shelf, but many involve writing a letter or staging a scene to inform him/her of their return to Santa’s workshop. The aim is to create a memorable and exciting goodbye experience so everyone involved is comfortable during this transition period.

Some families opt to include a farewell letter in the arrival or behavior report for their elf, so their children understand why he or she has returned. Others create special stationery featuring their elf that allows children to write to him or her directly – this allows them to express their emotions over his/her departure while giving them something positive to look forward to next year!

An Elf on the Shelf tradition should come to a memorable conclusion with an end scene! This can range from something as simple as explaining why the Elf must leave to elaborate displays resembling train travel back to North Pole; using train sets or even placing your Elf on an ornamented sleigh adds extra magic!

As for how you want your goodbye to go down, the length can vary according to what works for your family. Some parents choose to have their elf leave behind a note or treat that reminds children of all of the fun memories made together this year; other prefer more traditional approaches, like adding him/her onto Santa’s list and sending them off together before heading back out in search of new adventures.

No matter how you decide to say goodbye, it is crucial that you do it well. Doing this will ensure your child feels like the Elf on the Shelf has truly gone home for the holidays and won’t be forgotten come December. Using creative approaches such as an interactive scavenger hunt or digital goodbye video is sure to ensure keeping the magic of Elf on the Shelf alive for years and years!

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