El Pollo Loco Baja Shrimp

El Pollo Loco – The World’s Number One Fire Grilled Chicken Restaurant

El Pollo Loco is the country’s number one fire-grilled chicken restaurant. The menu features a wide variety of chicken bowls, salads and burritos. In addition to grilled chicken, the menu also offers vegan options. You can find all of El Pollo Loco’s dishes online, or you can visit your nearest location.

One of the best things about El Pollo Loco is their focus on healthy eating. They have a nutrition chart available, so you can see how much you are consuming per serving. Also, the company has introduced The World’s First Keto Taco. If you are looking for a great meal for Easter, you might want to try their double chicken avocado salad. This dish is gluten-free and low-carb. It includes grilled chicken, avocado, corn, and pico de gallo.

For a more traditional taco option, El Pollo Loco has introduced its new Baja Shrimp dishes. These are a series of new menu items that feature a chipotle and garlic marinade. Each dish is available in taco form, or you can order them in the restaurant’s classic street taco format. A Baja Shrimp taco comes with fresh shredded cabbage and house-made pico de gallo.

Another new menu item is a Mango Avocado Shrimp Tostada. It is topped with sliced avocado, pinto beans, jack cheese, and rice. It’s served with a creamy cilantro dressing.

One of the most popular items on the El Pollo Loco menu is their original Pollo bowl. It features chopped chicken breast and shredded cabbage with cilantro and pinto beans. There are other vegetarian and vegan options as well.

You can also enjoy a wide variety of desserts at El Pollo Loco. Their Chocolate Chip Brownie is a semi-sweet dark chocolate chip brownie that’s perfect for a chocolate lover. Or, you can get a Cookie Sandwich if you don’t want a full meal.

Other new items on the menu include the Chickenless Pollo, a plant-based protein. There is also a new Garlic Butter Shrimp Bowl. All of El Pollo Loco’s food is made with organic ingredients. However, you may want to check your local El Pollo Loco to verify that they are using the best sources for their ingredients.

El Pollo Loco has also announced that it is offering a new Mix & Match Street Tacos. These new tacos are created by blending fan favorites with new items. Some of the items included are: a Grande Taco, a Stuffed Quesadilla, a Mango Avocado Shrimp Tostada, and a Shrimp Wrap. As with all El Pollo Loco items, these are all handcrafted in a kitchen that uses spices and herbs to cook their Mexican dishes.

As of April 2017, El Pollo Loco has over 400 locations in the U.S. and is open all day. You can find a restaurant near you by entering your zip code into the company’s website. Additionally, you can use their app to earn rewards for ordering online.

El Pollo Loco is a great place to go for a family dinner or an office lunch. Their menu is updated regularly and they offer delivery to your home or workplace.

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