Easy Treezy Net Worth 2021

Easy Treezy Net Worth 2021

Easy Treezy is a company that makes pre-lit artificial Christmas trees. They sell them on Amazon for $299 and have budgeted $120,000 for Google Ads. The company is still operating and has $1 million in revenue as of June 2021. Founder Kurt DeBoer has appeared on Shark Tank looking to raise $400,000 for a 10% stake in the company. He explained the business model and why he values the company at $4 million. Its main competitors are Decorating Elves and Holiday Lights.

Easy Treezy is a manufacturer of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees

Easy Treezy is a company that makes pre-lit, pre-decorated artificial Christmas trees. The company is one of the latest Christmas product companies to get a Shark Tank appearance. Founded by Ryan Wach, the company produces a wide variety of Christmas trees in a wide range of prices. In addition to selling pre-lit trees, they also sell trees with additional ornaments and decor.

These pre-lit Christmas trees provide a beautifully realistic tree and are pre-decorated. They are decorated with designer ornaments and feature warm LED lights. They can be assembled in under 60 seconds. They also have lifelike needles, so that they look like real trees.

It sells on Amazon

The entrepreneur behind Easy Treezy, a drop-in Christmas tree stand, was a mechanical engineer by background. He graduated from Brigham University and then completed his Master’s in Business Administration at Florida State University. After his studies, he spent several years working in various product design and brand management positions. He even worked at Walt Disney Engineering, where he was responsible for the design of a free-roaming ride vehicle prototype. In August 2017, he launched his own company, Eazy Innovations LLC. The company has been selling its products online, on Amazon and through direct sales.

The Easy Treezy is a new type of Christmas tree that combines built-in lights and a magnetic assembly system that makes it easy for anyone to assemble. The trees come in a plain or decorated version and cost between $270 and $899.

It has budgeted $120,000 for Google Ads

The entrepreneur behind Easy Treezy has spent the past year collecting data about potential customers and budgeting $120,000 to spend on Google Ads. The company has a price range of $299 to $299 and hopes to sell just a few above that mark. The company plans to use a Google Ads contractor to make the buys.

It sells at a $299 price point

If you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree, the Easy Treezy might be just what you’re looking for. It’s an elongated, collapsible cone tree that you can easily assemble in just 60 seconds. It is currently being sold on Amazon for a $299 price point. Although it is still new, the company has received mostly positive reviews from customers.

The Easy Treezy is a small tree with lights, imitation pine needles, and other embellishments. The trees sell for $299 and are currently available for purchase on Amazon. The entrepreneur is a Wisconsin native who was inspired by family traditions like cutting down their own tree.

It competes with Decorating Elves

The Easy Treezy company has a simple and quick system for decorating a Christmas tree. The system is patented and can be set up in minutes. The company is based in Murray, Utah. Its main product is a Christmas tree that is made of a foam core with removable decorations. Another product is an easy way to attach body decor to a tree.

The Easy Treezy company has had limited success in the past but is now expanding. The company sells on Amazon and has over $1 million in revenue as of June 2021. The company’s founder, Kurt Stange, was featured on Shark Tank and asked for $400,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. It was the entrepreneur’s childhood memory of cutting down the tree that sparked his idea for the product.


Despite a low price point and high potential for growth, the Easy Treezy company isn’t profitable. During the Shark Tank pitch, the founder, Kurt, is told that his company will sell over $2 million this year, but the Sharks are concerned about his price tag. This is especially troubling considering the company has received orders from major retail outlets such as Home Depot for over $8 million. Ultimately, the deal falls apart, leaving the company floundering.

The Easy Treezy company was founded by Kurt Stange, a serial entrepreneur. He started his first company while in college, sold it in 2005, and then started Miami Christmas Lights, a company that designs large scale Christmas light displays for commercial clients.

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