Drop Everything Craigs In Trouble

Drop Everything Craig in Trouble (Movie Review)

Drop Everything Craigs in Trouble is a series of humorous short films that follow the exploits of five children living at The Creek. After being sent away to stay with their grandparents, they encounter various issues that send them running around aimlessly in search of an escape route.

Craig and his friends are given an assignment by the Witches of the Creek to locate items that will grant them a snow day. Unfortunately, they only get a two-hour delay instead of the full snow day they were hoping for, leading Craig to become dissatisfied with his newfound freedom and decides to do something useful with it.

Craig enjoys skating on his skateboard, but when he tries to go downhill on the ice, he gets whiplash. His friends try to fix it but soon discover that it won’t work. They decide to take apart and rebuild it but quickly realize this won’t do any good either.

Craig and his friends are also robbed of their bicycles when they’re supposed to be riding them. After returning the bikes to their owner, Craig feels compelled to help identify who these individuals are.

They are then confronted by a mysterious, hooded archer who wants them gone. The Stump Kids must band together in order to save themselves.

Drugs & Alcohol Content: The Stump Kids often smoke marijuana, especially during winter when it’s cold outside and they can’t go outside due to snowfall. They also drink heavily when with friends or family; this pattern holds especially true during parties or gatherings.

Some kids are more accepting than others and understand the medicinal benefits of smoking marijuana. They’re willing to share the herb with their friends so long as they don’t get too high.

Other negative elements in the community include theft, lying and bullying. The Stump Kids also commit theft from the Witches and other members of the community.

Craig and Kelsey are jealous of J.P. and his friend Kellan. They become especially envious when they discover Kellan has a pet named Ellie; this prompts them to join Brigid’s three-step training program so they can have their own furry companion.

They are disheartened to learn that the dog doesn’t particularly care for them, but Craig and Kelsey soon realize Brigid is taking advantage of them. Eventually, Craig and Kelsey find themselves expelled from the gang and in serious legal trouble.

Fashion and Hair Care Content: Craig’s hair has grown out of control. Despite his best efforts to keep it trimmed, pieces keep falling out. When he attempts to fix the situation, however, his locks still don’t look perfect; leading him to consider shaving them off and returning to an afro.

He is often tempted to wear shorts that are too tight and have many holes, but he resists this temptation. Eventually, he gives in and attempts to do so anyways.

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