Dre Mccray Net Worth

Dre McCray Net Worth – What You Need to Know

Regardless of whether you know what Dre McCray’s net worth is or not, you may be interested to know a little bit more about her. If you want to know more about Dre McCray, keep reading to find out about her weight loss journey, her relationship status, her Seizure disorder, and more.

Andrea McCray

Known as Dre McCray, the popular social media influencer is known for posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. However, she has also been accused of abusing her husband. While her husband is still alive, he is in a coma.

The couple were married for seven years. They were married in Yuma, Arizona. However, the couple got into an argument before he left the house. He was subsequently knocked unconscious after an attempted self-destructive act. The couple’s mother claimed she had heard about Von’s condition from virtual entertainment. She shared the police report with a Facebook group.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Dre McCray also has an Instagram and Twitter account. She has 38,400 subscribers and 849,246 video views on YouTube. She makes $ 1.21 for every 1000 views.


Apparently, Dre McCray has been putting people at risk by engaging in some pretty bad behavior. It’s all in the name of gaining online clout. She’s even been accused of using her husband as a marketing ploy. A recent report suggested that Dre McCray had a hand in Von’s recent health scare. In one particularly obnoxious episode, she even made Von undergo surgery after he had a seizure on a live show.

Dre is also known for promoting kratom, a controversial plant-based drug that has garnered a small but passionate following on the internet. He has also been known to tout the benefits of some of his own home-grown pharmaceuticals. However, as with most drugs, the FDA has not approved the clinical use of kratom.

Weight loss journey

Apparently, Dre McCray’s weight loss journey is not the most important thing in her life right now. Her husband, Vonny, is in a coma. McCray has been posting on TikTok about Vonny’s condition and revealed that he had undergone a successful operation to place a trach and g-tube. She also stated that she is confident that prayers will heal her husband.

It’s not clear how much money Dre McCray made last year. It is possible that she is a Tik Toker, although she has not made a post about her income in a while. However, she is a social media influencer, as she has a large fan base and shares many makeup videos on her YouTube channel. She has also been praised for her cosmetics skills.

Relationship status

Earlier this week, a report was released that claimed that the relationship status of Dr. McCray was in danger. The report outlined the doctor’s failure to provide adequate care to a patient who died in March. The report also cited a specific treatment that would have saved the patient’s life.

The report states that McCray had severe renal failure and dehydration. Those conditions caused him to have high potassium levels which could have led to cardiac arrhythmias. McCray was also unresponsive. He suffered from kidney failure for more than 24 hours. In addition, he had dehydration for two to three days. It was also reported that Nexion failed to monitor the patient’s fluid intake. Eventually, he was unable to swallow. He was later rushed to the Methodist Charlton Medical Center, where he died.

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