Dr Phil Wade And Michelle

Dr. Phil’s Case Against Wade Baker and His Wife: Chelle Baker and Laurie Bembenek

John Clark was devastated when three of his children disappeared following an attempted parental abduction. Fifteen years later, however, John received news that all three are safe in London and well.

Chelle Baker admits to knowing why Wade Baker committed suicide over his battle with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If they’d known one another better, he might still be here, she told Dr. Phil. Wade told Chelle “I just can’t take it anymore”.

Baker believes her husband was experiencing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder when he sent her a text saying, “I don’t know what to do.” When asked if he was alright, he disclosed he hadn’t slept in several nights due to nightmares.

As soon as she realized there was something seriously amiss, Baker called the VA’s crisis hotline and then the police. Officers arrived to find Baker’s home had been completely trashed, while Jack and Kobi, his two sons had been taken as evidence by authorities.

According to Baker’s wife, as a veteran he already struggled with depression. He saw doctors for anxiety, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, as well as seeing psychiatrists for anxiety treatment and mood disorders. Additionally, he visited multiple psychiatric hospitals as well as seeing both therapists and psychologists for assistance, but none could assist with his struggles.

After Sierra’s appearance on McGraw’s show aired, her friends and fans protested to McGraw for exploiting her as part of his show; though a lawsuit against McGraw and CBS was eventually settled out of court, Sierra still struggles with how her story continues to haunt her to this day.

In her lawsuit, Sierra was accused of suffering through a demented regimen characterized by “mindless tasks of blind obedience enforced with cruel punishment,” including beatings, starvation and near torture to her death. But Sierra fought hard in court to have her name cleared of wrongdoings at Island View; ultimately she was freed though she never recovered full use of her right leg.

Laurie Bembenek had not had an easy life when she appeared on Dr. Phil; at that time, she was only just beginning to address some of her personal challenges. Though she didn’t think it was wise, and had reservations about how it depicted her, Laurie did not agree that appearing on Dr. Phil was necessary and had some major reservations regarding its portrayal of her on TV.

Now Michelle and her family are mired in legal uncertainty and strain is taking its toll. In this exclusive, we hear from two brothers claiming they’re romantically involved with Michelle and her two children as well as Michelle herself to gain more insight into this case and discover what exactly caused so much ire from her spouse.

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