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Dr Neiman Ramjattan Convicted of Shaken Baby Syndrome

If you have been following the news lately, then you may have heard about the shaken baby syndrome, a tragic event that has occurred over 1,400 times a year. Experts say that it only takes a few seconds of a violent shake to do lasting damage to a newborn. A frustrated caregiver, frustrated with a situation, loses control and shakes their infant.

An alleged cardiologist from Long Island was convicted of the shaken baby syndrome after he shook his 4-week-old son. The incident occurred in August of 2020, and Ramjattan was arrested and charged 24 hours later. During the investigation, the baby was found to have suffered a brain bleed and other injuries, and was later hospitalized.

A jury was found guilty of the aforementioned shaking of the baby, and the doctor was sentenced to three years in prison. He was also ordered to undergo supervised post-release supervision for three years. This means that he may not be allowed to practice medicine after he leaves prison.

Despite the severity of his punishment, Ramjattan did not issue a public statement after his sentencing. One of his lawyers was unavailable to comment. In the press release, however, Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney said that the sentencing was in accordance with the law.

According to the press release, the baby’s injuries were a “multi-faceted” problem, including retinal hemorrhaging and broken legs. At the time of the incident, Neiman Ramjattan was a respected cardiologist on Long Island. However, his actions caused the injuries that prompted the police to respond.

Fortunately, the cardiologist was not incarcerated for long, and he was released on a conditional parole in March. In the meantime, he is under a supervised post-release probation, meaning that he can’t drive or work.

As a result of his release, it is unknown whether Ramjattan will continue to treat his son. His status with the child’s mother is unclear. It is also unclear whether he will provide telehealth services or accept other forms of payment. When asked about his practices, he stated that he accepts most insurance plans, although he hasn’t specified which ones he uses.

While he hasn’t provided any other information about his medical services, he does indicate that he is accepting new patients. Patients can contact him by phone or via CareDash. They can also contact him through his office, located at 39 Brentwood Road in Bay Shore, NY.

While he was not able to answer any other questions about his practices, the cardiologist did indicate that he is currently accepting new patients, although it is unclear what kind of medical insurance plans he accepts. He also indicated that he has received payments from specific medical companies. These include large consulting fees, as well as payments for specific drugs.

While the media is still abuzz with the story of a frustrated cardiologist shaking his four-week-old infant in the name of science, the story does provide some interesting insights into the role of medicine in the American health care system. Hopefully, the story of Ramjattan will remind parents and other health-care professionals to be extra cautious when dealing with an infant.

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