Dougherty Dozen How Do They Afford To Live

How Do the Dougherty Dozen Afford to Live?

Alicia and Josh Dougherty, a New York couple, have ten kids. Of them, six are adopted and four are their biological children. They live in Pittsford, New York.

They are currently living in a house that they have been renting for eight years. Their rent is &163;500 per month, which they pay on the first of every month.

The family is able to pay the bills because Alicia and Josh are both special education teachers. This allows them to have a steady income and help cover the expenses of their 10 kids.

Their vlog channel is called ‘Dougherty Dozen’ and has over 1.2 million followers on TikTok. In addition, they have more than 63 million views on YouTube.

They have also been featured on Inside Edition and Good Morning America. They are known for their honest portrayal of life as a parent. They want more couples to adopt kids from foster care.

Despite having such a huge family, they don’t have to worry about money because Alicia and Josh are both special education teacher and earn enough to keep the family alive.

Aside from their paid partnerships, the Dougherty Dozen make money from their videos on Youtube as well. They make between $22,000 and $30,000 a month from their channel.

According to a report by CNBC, they also make an additional income from TikTok. In the past year, they have made between &163;876 and &163;890 on their TikTok accounts, which are mainly used to promote their YouTube videos.

They are also able to sell their merchandise through their videos. Some of their products include clothing and toys.

These products are sold for an average price of &163;876 per item. The items can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, and other retail stores.

On their YouTube page, they make a variety of posts about parenting. They share tips, recipes and more with their viewers. Their videos are viewed over 63 million times a month.

Their videos are mainly about their daily routine and meal preparations, but they also post funny clips of themselves. Alicia says that she loves to share her family’s journey with her followers and hopes that it can encourage more couples to become parents.

Alicia and Josh also have a second motto: “There’s always room for one more.” They have been approached by the state to add another foster child to their family, but they aren’t sure when that will be possible.

It’s not easy being a parent of ten. But Alicia and Josh are determined to give their kids the best. They love each and every one of their children, and they are proud to be a part of their lives.

They also have a second motto: “There’s Always Room for One More.”

The Dougherty Dozen is a TikTok and YouTube account run by Alicia and her husband, Josh. They have a total of 10 children, and they are currently living in Pittsford, New York. They have a net worth of &163;1,600,000 as of 2023.

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