Double Crunch Sandwich Kfc

KFC Double Crispy Colonel

The KFC Double Crispy Colonel is a fried chicken sandwich. It features two pieces of fried chicken, extra crispy hand-battered fillets, and mayonnaise style sauce. If you’re a fan of KFC’s signature southern style fried chicken, this is a must try item for you. This new product will be available at KFC restaurants across the country in the coming months. You can also get this sandwich in combo meals with wedges.

The best part of the Double Crispy Colonel is the bread. These two pieces of fried chicken are sandwiched between two soft buns, resulting in a moist, greasy, but deliciously satisfying meal. The other important ingredient is the sauce, which consists of mayonnaise and gravy, making the whole sandwich a richer experience. With the introduction of the Double Crispy, the fast food giant is trying to make its chicken more appealing to its fried chicken-loving fans. For those who prefer a more natural style of fried chicken, you can choose the halal version.

The KFC Double Crispy isn’t the only sandwich to hit the market. In fact, there are several variants of this sandwich, including the Zinger. The original incarnation featured two slices of fried chicken with a sauce that was a bit of a hybrid of mayo, mustard, and curry sauce. A more recent incarnation incorporated turkey bacon to suit halal eaters. However, this isn’t the first time that fast food chains have experimented with a slew of different meats to appeal to a wider range of customers. Some brands even offer vegetarian options for those who want a more health conscious approach to their fried chicken fix.

Having been around for over sixty years, Kentucky Fried Chicken has learned a thing or two about frying chicken. As a result, it’s been able to offer a number of innovative products, such as the Zinger and the Gravy Burger. Interestingly, the KFC Double Crispy, or DD as it’s often referred to, has been the subject of a flurry of press coverage, with some claiming the new creation is the best fried chicken they’ve ever eaten. And with a price tag of just under $10, the DD is a tempting entrée for those looking to indulge in their fried chicken cravings without going overboard.

The Double Down is also a fun gimmick. Not only is it a good example of the best fried chicken you can find in a KFC restaurant, it was also a great way to demonstrate KFC’s commitment to innovation. While its a little bit pricier than the average fast food sandwich, its impressive ingredients, such as a double-breaded breast filet and bacon cheddar cheese, makes it worth the extra penny. On top of its high-quality ingredients, its buns are a sturdy construction that protects the chicken from getting a bit too greasy.

The real announcing of this sandwich was the fact that it was also one of the most popular products in the chain’s history. In fact, the company hasn’t had a single day where its Double Downs didn’t sell more than a dozen.

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