Donna Mills Playboy Pics

Donna Mills Playboy Pics

If you’re a fan of both television and Hollywood, you’re sure to be a fan of a certain female. She has graced the screen in a number of films, including A Beauty and the Beast, the good life, and The Good Guys. Her latest foray into the big kahuna is a role in Pure Flix’s Mood Swings, a comedy series starring Dyon Cannon. And if you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll be pleased to know that she also starred in the cult classic A Man From Another Planet, for which she was nominated for an Emmy.

Donna Mills is a Chicago native whose career spans a variety of glitzy frocks and foxy tuxedos. For a while she lived in New York City, where she took a page from the playbook of a Hollywood icon. But her real calling card was her heyday, the heyday of the 60’s and 70’s, when she starred in a number of nutty tv shows ranging from the snarky to the sweet and sassy.

Although she spent her prime years in Los Angeles, Mills is a true Midwesterner at heart. As mentioned earlier, she made a name for herself in the early sixties, most notably in the soap opera, Love is a Many Splendored Thing. Not to be left out, she also dabbled in the musical theatre scene and performed in a couple of summer stock productions. On the tv screen, Mills was one of the first women to make an impression as a blonde. After a whirlwind of a few television and film roles, she finally settled into a long and lucrative career in Hollywood. Besides the obvious starring roles, she also took up some more obscure roles in a slew of cult films. Whether she’s on the screen or not, she has the chops to keep her in the business for the foreseeable future. So if you’re a fan of a foxy foxy foxy, you may want to check her out in the flesh. Regardless of her nutty nature, she is certainly the sexiest actress of her time. Hopefully, she’ll get her due for her talent some day.

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