Dongguan Pan American Electronics Co. Ltd

Dongguan Pan American Electronics Co. Ltd

Dongguan Pan American Electronics Co. Ltd of China is an exporter specializing in LED High Bay Mounts, LED Drivers, Led Linear Highbays and Tube Light Power Supplies – they boast 1503 shipment records on Trademo Intelligence!

Donguan, in Southern Guangdong Province, is an important manufacturing center and transportation hub with modern railway infrastructure and airport connecting Hong Kong with Guangzhou; additionally a highway provides access to Macau and Shenzhen.

Dongguan dates back 5,000 years. Dongguan was home to major battles during the First Opium War and today boasts over 1,700,000 inhabitants, 600 schools, and 650 higher learning institutions, such as one general college, TV university, technical and vocational schools.

Hong Kong boasts an extensive variety of international schools to meet the needs of its large expat community, from kindergartens through primary and secondary schools and colleges. Furthermore, its education system ranks among China’s most advanced systems; 20 of its universities rank among China’s elite institutions.

Dongguan is home to over 2,000 companies and boasts an expansive electronics industry presence. Its technology parks are well-renowned for conducting cutting-edge research and development across various fields such as mobile phones, LCD panels, semiconductors and solar cells.

City is also an essential supplier of labour for manufacturing industries, boasting an estimated workforce of more than 1.4 million individuals – the majority being ethnic Chinese while remaining residents include Hakkas, Cantoneses and other minorities.

Dongguan is an industrial city known for producing various products ranging from plastics and electronics to machinery and automotive parts. Numerous multinational corporations have set up shop here, making Dongguan an economic powerhouse of its region and an indispensable source of skilled labor.

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