Dominos Car Topper

Dominos Car Topper Featured Neon Blue Puddle Light

Dominos’ new car topper features a neon blue puddle light and an illuminated Dominos logo. It was created by an artist and is made of polyurethane. It displays the Dominos logo on the side panel, the front fascia, and the hubcaps. The topper is part of the company’s successful advertising campaign.

The topper also features front storage areas for storing salads and extra pizzas. The car topper has a non-slip surface and can accommodate 80 pizzas, 80 salads, and even two-liter soda bottles. The topper is not only eye-catching, but also useful. The YouTuber plans to sell it to recoup his investment, and he expects to make well over $100K if he wins the contest.

The suspect was identified through video surveillance. He was a male living in a Tacoma apartment at the time of the incident, and he was arrested on charges of possession of stolen property. He is currently being held on bail. The suspect’s vehicle was searched, and a police officer was on scene to make sure no other Domino’s car topper was in the vehicle.

The technology that is integrated into the car topper links online ordering with the delivery driver’s route. The company is able to measure delivery times to the second. The company can also view the exact route taken by a driver, and compare it to the optimum route based on distance, time, and traffic.

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