Dolce And Gabbana 1992

Dolce and Gabbana 1992

Dolce and Gabbana’s debut collection is an impressive display of Sicilian influence on the runway, heralding them as internationally acclaimed designers at only 25 and 24 respectively. Madonna selected Dolce & Gabbana to design her Girlie Show tour in 1993; Sony Ericsson chose Dolce & Gabbana to design jewelry line; since then Dolce and Gabbana’s signature animal prints, pinstripes, black lace floral patterns have changed fashion forever.

At the conclusion of their debut show, the duo showcased some of their inspirations with red sequins on black separates featuring Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, and Ava Gardner’s first names emblazoned on red sequins on black separates. Furthermore, printed potato sack looks with messages conveying love and sexuality also provided a populist touch reminiscent of Madonna’s music videos and Dressing for Success book (published subsequently).

Dolce and Gabbana has always emphasized contrast in its design philosophy – between tradition and modernity, past and future – as evidenced in its logo wordmark of bold, capital letters giving off power and elegance, instantly conveying what this luxury brand stands for. Their collections pay homage to Italy while at the same time reflecting globalization trends through elements found within each collection.

Since 1999, Dolce & Gabbana designers have established strong ties to both film and music industries through establishing the Dolce & Gabbana Theater and multipurpose space in Milan in 1999, and by working with directors like Baz Luhrmann on Romeo + Juliet: Re-Exploring Shakespeare in Postmodern Key (re-creation of classic tragedy by Baz Luhrmann). Furthermore, their close association with entertainment can also be seen through advertising campaigns shot by some of the world’s leading photographers like Ferdinando Scianna and Steven Meisel.

Dolce & Gabbana released their inaugural fragrance for women, Dolce, in 1992 as an intense feminine classic aroma. This aldehyde-floral fragrance features citrusy top notes like mandarin oranges, bergamot, basil leaves and jasmine alongside heart notes like jasmine orchid lily while the base notes include cedarwood sandalwood musk for maximum sensuality.

Dolce fragrance is intense and highly feminine, an ideal scent for an accomplished woman with strong personality who knows exactly what she wants in life. The long-wearing Dolce scent can also be found as body lotion and bath oil!

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