Doink The Clown Net Worth

Doink the Clown Net Worth

Whether you’re a fan of the clown or not, Doink the Clown has an extensive history. He debuted in 1992 in the World Wrestling Federation and has sporadically appeared on WWE programming since. His salary is unknown, but he’s one of the most expensive professional wrestlers. His career net worth is estimated at $8 million. During his time in the WF, Doink fought Bret Hart, Tatanka, and Crush. He also made his television debut on the January 31, 1993 episode of Wrestling Challenge.

Doink was first portrayed by Dusty Wolfe, who also played the character in the independent circuit. Dusty had been a member of the tag team “The Fabulous Ones” and had fought with Bret Hart. He had also competed in the Young Lion Cup, a competition sponsored by Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Northeastern US indies. In his career, he had a brief stint in WWE before returning to the independents.

Doink the Clown was a villainous clown gimmick that began to pull tricks on wrestlers in the ring. He also tortured early rivals with prosthetic limbs. His finishing move was a Stump Puller. He pulled off the trick by seating an opponent on a mat and pulling his leg towards his head. In the process, he had a bit of a surprise, which resulted in the crowd booing him off.

Doink has appeared in several versions of the WWE Raw video game. In addition, he was included in the Wrestlemania X video game and the WWE Wrestlemania arcade game. He was also one of the DLC characters in WWE 2K22, which was released in 2022. His head sculpt was reused in True FX work, and his hair gimmick was swappable. His gleaming eyes were a reference to the Joker in the movie Heath Ledger’s Batman.

Doink’s mallet was also a reference to a similar gimmick. It was painted with blue and white stripes, and was available as an accessory in the WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game. He was also featured in the Acclaim 1994 video game, WWF Raw. In 2007, he was featured in the 15th Anniversary Royal Rumble.

Doink the Clown is a villainous clown gimmick in the World Wrestling Federation. He was introduced in 1992 and stayed in the company until 1996. He fought Bret Hart, Tatanka, Crush, and Mr. Perfect. He also had a few house show runs against Martnetty. His gimmick was a big hit with fans and he became one of the most popular comedy characters in the WWE.

Doink’s outfit was a mashup of a clown suit and a grimy looking outfit. His hair was short and messy. He had a grin that was sometimes squirted onto a child’s face with a flower. He had a car and a Facebook. He also has Instagram. He’s been a popular comedy character in the WWE, but fans have disliked his style in ECW.

Doink the Clown’s net worth is unknown. His salary is estimated at $8 million, though he’s been paid more than that by WWE. He’s also been played by several wrestlers on the independent circuit, including Ace Darling and Steve Keirn.

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