Does Sonic Still Make Cream Slushes

Does Sonic Still Make Cream Slushes?

Sonic is well-known for their refreshing slush drinks, shakes and ice cream floats. Sonic’s signature drinks are made with flavored syrup, ice cream and crushed ice to produce an irresistibly refreshing treat for hot days. Available in small to large sizes with customizable toppings like candy and cookies – Sonic offers their drinks in orange, strawberry blue raspberry coconut flavors too!

This spring, the chain is offering two dessert shakes: Cheesecake Blast is a blend of cheesecake and crunchy graham cracker pieces; while Strawberry Cheesecake Blast adds strawberries for extra sweetness. Furthermore, an nonalcoholic happy hour for most beverages from 2 to 4 p.m. features half-price deals on shakes and slushes – sweet treats made even sweeter by these new offerings!

The company has become well-known for their unique slushie versions of popular burgers and fries, such as its Double Down Cheeseburger Slushe. Unfortunately, however, no plans have yet been announced by them to bring back classic milkshakes or ice cream floats – however there are ways around this! For instance, asking any drink on their menu to be made into a slushie before adding your own flavoring at home may work just as effectively.

Another innovative trick is using frozen slushies as a replacement for breakfast smoothies, either with or without additional toppings. A strawberry lime slush can make for an easy and healthy breakfast on-the-go, or you could combine one with vanilla ice cream for a deliciously nutritious treat!

Some Sonic fans have even taken to experimenting with mixing different Slushes and ice cream flavors together in unique combinations, like their Strawberry Shortcake Slushe which features real strawberries with an irresistibly light touch of shortcake; Polynesian Punch contains pineapple, orange and passion fruit; other popular choices are Cherry Limeade Slush, Ocean Water Slush, Tropical Colada Slushes.

One of Sonic Slushes that stands out is the Nerds Slushie, according to Brand Eating, featuring crunchy candy pieces that dissolve into its refreshing base for an irresistibly sweet and tart taste. Nerds Slushes will only be available at certain Sonic locations for a limited time period.

Sonic will also introduce some summer treats, like its Dragon Fruit Slushie. Packed with sweet tropical flavor and red bull energy drink, this refreshing beverage will delight tropical treat fans from May 31-Aug 1 at all Sonic locations nationwide – both children and adults will appreciate this refreshing beverage!

If you suffer from food allergies, Slushes offers special Slushes without the ingredients most frequently used, such as dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat. Furthermore, their website provides an Allergen Disclosure Policy detailing any potential allergens present in any of their blended drinks or ice cream.

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