Does Ciara Have Full Custody Of Future Jr

Does Ciara Have Full Custody of Future Jr?

Does Ciara Have Full Custody of Future Jr?

Since 2014, rapper Future and singer Ciara have had a contentious relationship over custody of their son Future Zahir Wilburn. After years of litigation between both parties, which eventually settled in 2017, both parties dropped lawsuits.

Future still resents Ciara’s treatment of their husband, Russell Wilson. He recently took to social media to make some harsh statements about Ciara’s ex. He posted several remarks about how Ciara is controlling him and expressed disapproval over their relationship with Wilson – whom she married last July and with whom she has two children: Sienna and Win.

The former lovers have a notoriously volatile relationship, often seen fighting on social media with comments that make headlines. Despite these public battles, they maintain an intense connection with their child.

According to TMZ, a judge recently decided that Ciara and Future share joint custody of their son. Additionally, she had requested full custody for her child but the judge denied her request due to allegations about Future being an absent parent who hasn’t been present in his life. Although Future denied these accusations and sided with Ciara, there remains disagreement between the two parents regarding what constitutes good parenting.

Ciara had always hoped her and Future’s divorce would result in full custody for Future, but that didn’t pan out. On May 17th when it came to determining custody details for Future, TMZ reported that the judge denied Ciara her request for full custody and instead sided with her ex-husband who was present during the proceedings.

In a recent interview with HuffPost, Future admitted they had grown apart over time and weren’t content in their relationship. However, Ciara disputed this assertion during an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk program on Facebook Watch. Ciara revealed she was devastated by Future’s cheating scandal and ended their relationship just three months after their son was born.

She then filed a $15 million libel suit against him, alleging he had defamed her in numerous ways. He reportedly responded with a countersuit alleging she is only trying to stir up attention in an effort to rejuvenate her faltering music career.

The judge rejected Ciara’s arguments, yet she was granted time with her son. During the hearing, she expressed concern that her child isn’t getting enough discipline from his dad and wanted to ensure he spent quality time with him.

Now that the legal issues are behind her, Ciara can focus on starting a family with her new husband Russell Wilson. She says she looks forward to spending the rest of her life with him and is expecting their first child this summer.

In the meantime, let us hope Ciara and Future can work on fixing their troubled relationship so their son has a healthy and content childhood. It won’t be an easy road for them, but we are here to support them every step of the way!

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