Does Anyone Die In Chicago Fire

Does Anyone Die in Chicago Fire?

In season eleven of Chicago Fire, the show dropped a bomb on its viewers. Hawkins on Fire, the character played by Jimmy Nicholas, died on the series. Although the show has been in production for more than a decade, the death was surprising and left many fans wondering just what it was all about.

It’s no secret that the show has a history of killing characters in surprising and sometimes controversial ways. Seasons seven and eight featured the murder of Elias Koteas, an army recruit who served as a scout for the police department. There was also the death of Lauren German in the fifth season. While the show has had plenty of big hitters over the years, the deaths of lesser-known characters have also been well-done.

Another major character to die during the show’s run was Otis Zvonecek, a one-time first responder who was often a fun character to watch. However, his death didn’t have the same emotional impact as that of Hawkins.

Other notable deaths on the show included Justin Voight, who was a former cop and a father to a daughter. The actor made an impression in episodes and even got his own special episode in the final episode of season three. He was also a DUI and was involved in a murder on P.D. and later returned to town after the birth of his son.

Evan Hawkins was the Paramedic Field Chief and a romantic interest to Violet Greensmith. He was also a bureaucratic antagonist. Unlike most recurring characters, Hawkins had a significant amount of personality. That was a huge feat considering the character had a large role in the show.

In a series that has been dealing with death since the pilot episode, this was the biggest news to come out of the show’s 11th year. And while the writers are still working out how to move on from Hawkins, the rest of the season is set to be filled with drama.

Despite the major loss, there are still plenty of great moments to be had between Hawkins and Gallo. After reuniting publicly with Violet, Evan Hawkins had untapped potential. This time around, the writers were smart enough to take advantage of this by giving the pair of them an epic moment.

As is often the case on the show, the writers also did a good job of the ominous. During the episode, Violet and Hawkins said the infamous “I love you” for the first time. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate to anything more than a gimmick.

The show has dealt with death on a regular basis, from Detective Sagemiller to Benny, who was Severide’s father. Even though the show is a rerun, it is worth checking out. You can find it online via TV Fanatic. Also, check out Daniel Kyri’s Instagram Story for photos and videos of Tuesday. Hopefully, this gives you the full picture of the event and what to expect from the remainder of the season.

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