Decepticon Car Emblem

Spruce Up Your Car With the Decepticon Car Emblem

If you are an avid Transformers fan, you can spruce up your car with the Decepticon Car Emblem. This emblem features the iconic Decepticons Logo and is designed with a shiny Silver surface, making it perfect for fans of the Transformers franchise. Before you install this emblem on your car, be sure to clean the surface and apply double-sided mounting tape. Once you have completed this step, the Decepticon emblem will be secure on your vehicle.

The 3D Decepticon Car Emblem is available in retail packaging and measures approximately 7cm by 7cm. The sticker has a strong adhesive backing and can be applied to the front or rear of your vehicle. It is designed to be easy to install and has a high quality 3D special finish. It fits most vehicles and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

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