Daughter And Father Sleeping

A Father and Daughter Sleeping Together

Father and daughter sleeping close. A adorable young lady rests comfortably in the arms of her father while he rests comfortably outdoors on a bed. Image by iStockphoto LP

Family sleep environments are one of the most critical and influential components of a child’s development, establishing their relationship with parents, extended family, and community members; impacting physical and mental wellbeing as well. While many cultures around the world still practice co-sleeping practices; Western societies typically teach children to sleep alone as soon as they are old enough – generally around three years of age but can differ depending on culture and circumstances.

Though some studies have demonstrated the advantages of co-sleeping between parents and infants, most research indicates it does not benefit an infant’s development or long-term health. Furthermore, close proximity of sleeping parent may disrupt an infant’s sleep cycles by altering heart rates and oxygen levels during the night.

Still, some families choose to co-sleep even after the risk of SIDS has passed. According to Psychology Today, approximately 45% of mothers allow their 8-12-year-olds to sleep in their beds from time to time; 13% allow it every night.

Couples typically spend only limited time alone together during their evenings. A co-sleeping arrangement may limit this precious opportunity for intimacy while limiting parents’ communication capabilities.

No one should discourage children from sleeping with their father; however, the issue becomes complex when an older girl continues this practice after becoming independent of him. Such actions could be seen as sexually inappropriate and could also offend those around her; additionally it shows she is not yet learning independence and perhaps it is time for her to start sleeping alone.

Daughters should learn early to become independent and self-reliant. Achieve this goal is vitally important if they want to succeed as adults. When older daughters continue sleeping with their fathers, it is vital for parents to communicate openly and honestly with them while setting appropriate boundaries so all parties involved remain happy. If you feel lost when dealing with this situation, seeking professional counseling advice could be invaluable in building and maintaining positive parenting relationships.

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