Cs Career Questions

Taking a CS Career Question

If you are considering a career in computer science, you may want to take a career test to find out if you have the aptitude and interests for this field. There is a lot of information on r/CS Career questions. Many subreddits members have jobs in computer science and technology and are willing to share their knowledge and offer advice. The community is open to people of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Those with working development experience have a more in-depth understanding of the field, and they are often involved in teams of developers. To ensure your competitiveness, you should learn a new programming language. Most resources suggest that you don’t list your salary first on your resume. You might consider including your salary as a second or even third item on your resume.

While CS careers can be very lucrative, they also require certain personality traits. People who are extroverted and outgoing may be good candidates, but they may not be suited for long hours spent debugging code or being contacted at 3am by a production problem. People with introverted personalities may be more suited to work in an environment where they are able to be alone and still be successful.

Knowing the operating systems is also essential for computer science professionals. Many employers use multiple operating systems. Likewise, you must be familiar with the types of processors used by different businesses. Understanding the differences between primary and secondary memory is also important. You can also ask questions about how constructors work.

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