Cowgirl Fringe Crop Top

How to Style a Cowgirl Fringe Crop Top

Cowgirl fringe crop tops are an engaging and flirty way to express your femininity, especially when worn with distressed jeans or boho-inspired skirts. Perfect for Halloween costumes and everyday wardrobe alike, the right fringe top can make quite the fashion statement!

Fringe fashion has made a comeback in all shapes and sizes, from flapper fringe to festival fringe and Western-inspired fringe, making an impactful fashion statement. To modernize this classic look, pair a tee with rhinestone-accented fringe hemlines for an attractive feminine top suitable for dancing past midnight or mingling with friends at trendy new lounges.

Fringe has long been a fashion trend, yet its significance has only recently increased with the resurgence of the ’90s-inspired crop top. Once considered a symbol of glamour and sexuality, this form of clothing became widely worn among pop culture icons like Cher, who popularized its use. With its lower hemline that exposed wearer’s midriff area, some even labeled this shirt “sexy” or even “scandalous”.

As the trend continued to evolve, designers added fringe details to other parts of a garment such as sleeves. Soon enough, fringe tops began resembling full-length fringe dresses suitable for formal events or nightclub nights out on the town.

As much as fringe is versatile, there are certain rules you must abide by when styling it sexily. The first rule should be keeping the rest of your outfit simple; anything too busy will obscure its beauty. Instead, try pairing your fringe top with minimal jewelry and neutral-colored bottoms so it becomes the focal point.

For an effortlessly seductive and flirtatious look, pair a fringe top with distressed denim, boots or heels, thigh-high boots to emphasize the length of the hemline on your shirt and even add an edge with leather jacket.

Fringe can add an edge to any outfit. Wearing cowgirl fringe crop tops with jeans and combat boots creates an edgy look; or pair one with black bodycon mini dresses for punk-inspired ensembles. When selecting colors with striking fringe patterns to make an outfit standout from others elements.

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