Costco Care Bear

Costco Care Bear Review

The Care Bears are a popular line of plush teddies that fetch huge prices on the resale marketplace. A single Care Bear can be worth up to $727, while a whole set can cost upwards of $10,760. These iconic teddies were originally painted by Elena Kucharik for greeting cards for American Greetings in the 1980s. Then, they were adapted to plush teddy bears in 1983. They were originally available in a variety of colours, but today they are distinctively purple.

Care bears are a great toy for children. Each bear has a unique personality, and each one has a different symbol on their tummy. Blue care bears were the original. They had blue eyes, slepty eyes, and a moon on the stomach. This meant that they would bring sweet dreams to children. The Care Bears have become so popular, they have been adopted by over two million families in Australia alone.

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