Cordae Amari Dunston Net Worth

Cordae Amari Dunston Net Worth – Age, Height, Girlfriend and More!

Cordae Amari Dunston Net Worth: Age, Height, Girlfriend and more

Rapper, singer-songwriter Cordae Amari Dunston was born on August 26, 1997 in Raleigh, North Carolina and currently holds an overall net worth of $3 million from his career as a rapper. At 23 years old, he’s earning most of his wealth through endorsement deals from major record labels.

He is renowned for his hits ‘My Name Is’ and ‘1985, which helped him gain notoriety among fans and music critics alike. With an expansive Instagram following of over 2.4 million followers and a YouTube presence of 702k subscribers, he continues to gain momentum in both fields.

His debut album The Lost Boy was released in July 2019, earning him a nomination for the 2020 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album. The record featured three singles: ‘Have Mercy’, ‘Bad Idea’ and ‘RNP’.

Around 15 years old, this young aspiring artist began crafting his first raps and then joined YBN. The group enjoyed great success and embarked on their first world tour in 2018, but he ultimately left the group in 2020 and pursued solo music instead.

His father would always play classic hip hop songs such as Rakim, Nas, Big L and Talib Kweli when he was growing up; these influences inspired him to start rapping.

At fifteen, he began rapping without any real purpose in mind; he simply wanted to have some fun with it. But as time passed, his passion for performing deepened and he started taking it more seriously by writing many songs.

At seventeen, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and join YBN organization. Together with two other members of their band, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay, they created music which quickly went viral. Their numerous releases proved hugely successful for them both commercially and critically acclaimed.

While in Los Angeles, he met Haitian-Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka and they began dating. It is reported that the couple is expecting their first child together after dating for about a year.

They both enjoy a devoted social media following and often share their love of sports, fashion, and food. Osaka boasts 2.8 million Instagram followers and also owns her own skincare brand called Kinloskin.

Osaka is a professional tennis player with an estimated net worth of $53.2 million; her boyfriend Cordae earns much less from his music career.

His annual salary is estimated to range between $200K-300K. He derives his income from various sources such as music, brand endorsements, and YouTube ad revenue.

He boasts an impressive Instagram following and owns a mansion in Beverly Hills. Additionally, his fan base is vast; he’s renowned for his remixes of popular songs such as ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem and ‘1985’ by J. Cole.

Aside from his rap career, he has a passion for basketball and is an ardent fan of the Clippers. Additionally, in 2016 he took part in a Black Lives Matter protest, rapping about the issues in his community.

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