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Dream Home Makeover – A Look at the McGees’ Home Renovations

For the home design aficionado, you’ve probably heard of Dream Home Makeover. This popular Netflix show is a real-life documentary showcasing the renovations made by Syd and Shea McGee, owners of a Utah-based interior design firm. They are the proud parents of three daughters, but they aren’t the only McGees to have made their mark on the real estate scene. You’ve likely seen their work on Park City homes, or on one of the many home improvement shows on TV.

In this episode of Dream Home Makeover, the McGees are tasked with a plethora of design challenges. The first was to create the best nursery for the newest member of the family. Another challenge was to create a show-stopping kitchen. All of this is part of a larger project that will include the McGees and their staff designing and renovating the entire house, from the roof to the basement.

Among the many tasks the McGees are given, the most important is to make sure the clients get what they are paying for. While some of the work is performed by in-house professionals, others are contracted out to external contractors. With a budget in the tens of millions of dollars, the McGees and their team of ninjas have a lot on their plates. It’s not easy to transform a huge, dated, cinder block abode into a modern, livable space. But the McGees managed to pull off the task with aplomb.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is its use of technology. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment to help them achieve their design goals. In particular, the lighting is of the highest quality and the projector is of the most efficient variety. Also, the lighting is able to adjust to the temperature and time of day. To give the best effect, the McGees utilize several high-end LED and halogen bulbs, which allow them to achieve a bright and well-lit room with the right hues and brightness levels.

There are a ton of other things the McGees and their team do to provide their clients with the perfect home. Aside from the obvious, you’ll also see them taking their business online, with a line of home furnishings and a website that is a real-life inspiration for the next time you decide to tackle a home remodel. Lastly, you can expect to see them making their mark on television, as they are set to appear on the latest episodes of Dream Home Makeover and the revamped Syd and Shea’s Home Renovation.

Besides being a great way to spend a Friday night, watching this HGTV program is a great way to learn a thing or two about the hottest trends in design. From the snazzy lights to the best materials to use, the McGees are a jack of all trades when it comes to putting together a new home. As such, you’re likely to see the team tackling their next big project, whether it’s a new family home or a second residence in southern California.

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