Coffee And Cars Malibu

Coffee and Cars in Malibu

The Coffee and Cars event in Malibu started as a small group of friends discussing cars. It’s now a major nuisance and local business owners as well as city officials aren’t happy. Although it started as a harmless gathering of petrolheads, it’s grown into a large event, with people driving their cars on the street and creating traffic jams.

The popularity of cars and coffee in Malibu dates back at most 15 to 20 years. It started as a small meeting between Jerry Seinfield, Spike Feresten, and has grown to hundreds of cars. Its popularity soared after the lockdowns in Malibu last summer, when many of the city’s parks and beaches were closed due to noise pollution and traffic. For car enthusiasts, the meetup at Malibu Village Mall has become the only place to get their fix.

Malibu, California’s epicenter of car culture, is just a short drive away from Los Angeles. Malibu has a wide variety of supercars and hypercars. It is also home to classic cars. Malibu Cars & Coffee is the main stage every Sunday morning from 9AM to noon. A variety of rare cars, prototypes, and celebrities mingle with car enthusiasts.

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