Cobra Kai Eli And Demetri

Cobra Kai Season 2 – Eli and Demetri As a Couple

Cobra Kai Season 2

In Season 2, Demetri and Eli officially begin to become romantic partners and they are simply adorable. Witnessing them give comforting kisses on the mouth, discuss future plans together and reacting to one another makes their romance all the more endearing. Plus, seeing all of their fellow characters react adds even more charm!

Demetri is being bullied throughout this episode, yet still shows strength by standing up for himself and refusing to allow anyone walk all over him anymore. After his mother calls school administrators and complains about not doing anything about it, Demetri becomes even more determined to show them they were wrong and prove it.

Joining Miyagi-Do Karate under the instruction of Daniel LaRusso, Hawk becomes a top student and tutor for Miguel the blind student. When given an opportunity to face Hawk in a school brawl, Hawk shows his true ability and defeats him decisively.

However, when it comes to his relationship with Eli, he still doesn’t feel ready. He fears he won’t be as close to her anymore and that she might take offense at his choosing other people over her.

But his fears were unfounded when Cobra Kai students arrived at his workplace with plans to harass him and others, only for Miguel and Sam to help take down each of them. Miguel then demonstrated his abilities as a teacher by offering Karate lessons for kids he met there.

At the end of season one, Demetri’s hard work pays off when he defeats Hawk in a school brawl and becomes a true master. Additionally, he feels proud that he never gave up and demonstrates that being nerdy shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.

Demetri’s victory didn’t come without costs as Moon dumped him due to his behavior towards both herself and Eli as binary brothers; to try to make up for his behavior by showing her video footage of them together and explain that their mohawk doesn’t define them; she was moved and they kissed, reigniting their romance before Demetri was ready to defend his championship in another tournament; finally it is heartening to witness Demetri prevail at the end of season!

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