Clip Of Cara Delevingne Pretending To Lick Azealia Banks Leg

Azealia Banks Defends Cara Delevingne Over a Video

Azealia Banks defended Cara Delevingne in a recent social media video. The clip shows the Suicide Squad actress grabbing Azealia’s mic mid-performance and talking incoherently to a gang while touching her leg. Delevingne was accused of upstaging the black singer and harassing her on Twitter.

Azealia Banks also stood by her model friend after the video was released. The clip showed Delevingne curling around her with her tongue out, pretending that she was licking the rapper’s leg. The two had been performing the hit song “212” at a Halloween-themed party at a New York hotspot.

The original video was posted to Twitter by a user who jokedly asked if Delevingne could be “banned” from Hollywood. The video went on to garner over four million views. The video also shows Delevingne falling on the floor during Banks’ performance. Both women hugged one another after the performance and were then escorted from the venue.

Delevingne was a major topic of conversation during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The fashion and music industry adored her at the time. However, her behavior at the awards ceremony has raised eyebrows. It has also raised questions about her mental health.

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