Christina And Tom Married By Mom And Dad

Married by Mom and Dad

Married by Mom and Dad was a popular reality television show that aired on the TLC network. It was an arranged marriage show that featured parents as matchmakers for their unmarried children. The first season of the show aired from December 13, 2015 to July 25, 2017. In total, the series produced 20 episodes.

Married by Mom and Dad was not the only arranged marriage show to hit the airwaves. Some other programs that followed this trend included Love Island and Match Makers. While each of these programs aimed to find love for a certain type of person, their actual success rates may not have been as impressive. However, they still provided viewers with some interesting insights into the relationship building process.

Married by Mom and Dad featured Christina Rollyson and Tom Haas. The two met on the show’s premiere season. They also have two kids together. After their first marriage fell through, they weren’t about to give up. So they continued their search for a life partner. Eventually, they met Tom and married him. But, like many of the other couples on the show, their relationship didn’t last.

The show did a great job of highlighting the process of matchmaking between an arranged pair. Often, the process involves learning about each other, from the first date to the most important of all, the wedding day.

The series aired on the TLC network for two seasons. During the second season, the show featured Marissa Salviano. She had high expectations when it came to relationships. Fortunately for her, the show allowed her to go on some dates before her wedding. Even though the show ended after the second season, it was a fun experience to watch.

Other notable characters on the show include Tahnee Smith and Devin Duggan. Both of these stars had a brief career in the NFL. Their parents were their matchmakers and they went on dates with women. As a result, the couple was able to find love and eventually get married. Although the show aired for only two seasons, it’s still a nice reminder of how the media can be a wonderful resource.

Another notable character is Marivic. Her parents were looking for their son-in-law. At first, they had doubts about the situation. They were worried about her potential suitors and their reactions to their daughter’s big day. Luckily, they were able to break the rules and allow their daughter to take the lead.

The first night as a married couple is a tad awkward. But, the best part of the night is the boat ride that ends the show. Tom and Christina are able to spend a few hours together and talk about their feelings for each other.

While the Married by Mom and Dad program was overly long and not always entertaining, it did offer viewers a good look into the process of finding love. Interestingly, 60 percent of marriages in the United States are arranged.

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