Chrissy Teigen Basil Chicken

Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings

Chrissy Teigen, model, TV co-host and adorable wife of R&B singer John Legend, is also an enthusiastic foodie – as her 5.3 million Instagram followers and new cookbook demonstrate.

Teigen’s restaurant, Tartine, isn’t afraid to experiment with her food and the results are often delicious. Her new book Cravings showcases both high end cuisine and down home fare like her take on kee mao noodle which she describes as “a zesty take that sounds impressive”.

Most importantly, she clearly and concisely explains each recipe’s origins. Organized by chapter (appetizers, mains, snacks and desserts), each recipe comes complete with an informative introduction.

The main course chapter of this book is undoubtedly the most entertaining. While drunken noodles have been made many times before (Chrissy even makes them), this book brings them to life with recipes like the appropriately named “Sweet and Sour” fried rice, steamed mussels in a spicy ginger sauce, as well as chocolate-covered red pepper.

The standout recipe in the book, however, is Chrissy’s Coconut Milk-Date Shortcake. This delectable dessert deserves to take pride of place in your kitchen and requires only ingredients likely already in your pantry for easy preparation. Perfect for a weekend brunch or light dinner with quality wine pairing, this treat should definitely not be missed!

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