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Tickets to Chris Brown’s One of them Ones Tour Are On Sale Now

If you’re a fan of music, you may have heard of Chris Brown. He’s a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. As a result, he’s a superstar, especially in the hip hop community. In fact, he has a cult following, with many comparing him to the late Michael Jackson. While it’s unclear if he’s as talented as his contemporaries, you can’t deny that he’s a great performer.

Having recently landed the top spot on the Billboard hot 100 all time hits list, it’s clear that he’s on a roll. On Friday, July 22, the One of Them Ones tour will hit the road with Lil Baby, taking the illustrious tour de force to New York City, Las Vegas and Detroit. With an estimated 25 million people expected in attendance, it’s safe to say that this tour will be the hot ticket of the summer.

Luckily for fans, tickets to see the star of the show will be on sale very soon. Several sites are offering up discounted tickets to the upcoming concert. For example, you can get a pair of front-row tickets for $996. You can also opt for a VIP package that will set you back $704 for the experience of a lifetime. Of course, if you’re not a VIP member, you can still catch a glimpse of the pop crooner.

Despite a few rough patches, Chris Brown’s career as a recording artist has been a hit. His self-titled debut album, released in 2005, sold over three million copies in the US alone. It also featured a number one debut single, “Run It!”. Aside from his notable contributions to the R&B world, he’s made appearances on a variety of television shows and movies, most notably FOX’s The O.C., and MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.

However, it’s no secret that he’s not all glitz and glam. In fact, he’s often been criticized for his flamboyant personality. Nevertheless, he’s a charismatic performer and has a solid grasp of his craft, which translates to good ole fashioned pizazz. When he’s not on the road, he resides in Atlanta.

Aside from his music, he’s also a fan of sports, including football and basketball. That’s not to mention his other interests, such as cooking and philanthropy. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his career, however, has been his willingness to share his personal experiences. From his days as a teenager singing in a church choir to his stint in the cast of FOX’s The O.C., he’s shown his propensity to be a humble brag, but also a showman when it comes to his fans.

While the One of Them Ones Tour will be the high-end of the entertainment spectrum, there’s no doubt that he’ll be gracing our stages with a handful of memorable performances. Whether you’re planning on attending or not, make sure to grab your tix from the best venues in town. Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Orlando or Philadelphia, you’ll enjoy the show you’ve been waiting for.

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