Cheyenne Antoine Release Date

Cheyenne Antoine Release Date

It has been a long, long road for Cheyenne Rose Antoine, a Canadian woman accused of murdering her best friend, Brittney Gargol. At the time of the crime, Antoine was a high school student and had been living in a foster home for years. She was abused physically and mentally, and her parents got involved with drugs, causing the young woman to have a hard time putting the trauma behind her.

The police got a disturbing call. During their investigation, they found the body of a woman lying on her back, with no shoes on. They were outside in the cold, and she didn’t seem like she was breathing.

While investigating the case, the police also spotted a Facebook selfie of the two girls. This photo is the key piece of evidence in the prosecution’s case. Antoine’s belt is in the picture, and investigators have determined it is the same one that was found at the scene of the crime.

Originally, Antoine claimed that she did not remember what happened that night, or that she did not even know the person who killed her friend. However, she later admitted to killing Gargol. Nevertheless, the defense argued that Antoine was in a bind, and that her memory was poor. In fact, she had been drinking and using drugs before she committed the crime.

Ultimately, the police were able to prove that Antoine was the right person to blame for the crime. As a result, she was sentenced to seven years in prison.

However, in the court room, Antoine was able to show her true colors. She made a plea deal with the prosecution, and was convicted of manslaughter instead of the more serious charge of second-degree murder. The defense also argued that Cheyenne was the victim of the boarding school system in Canada. She had to move from foster home to foster home, exposing her to various dangers, and she was unable to fully understand what was going on in her life.

According to a press release from the Saskatchewan government, the selfie posed by Antoine was an ingenious piece of evidence that helped to prove her guilt. During the trial, a woman who wore a blue belt with a large buckle stood in the dock, and her resemblance to the woman in the photo was not a coincidence. Interestingly, the same belt was discovered near the body of Brittney Gargol.

Despite her conviction, Antoine still claims she did not kill her best friend. She was a victim of the boarding school system in Canada, and she has suffered abuse from her foster parents.

Nevertheless, the prosecution couldn’t prove that Antoine had any other motive for the crime. Throughout her time in the foster care system, she was exposed to a wide variety of stimulants, and her mind was constantly on drugs, causing her to forget the small things.

A couple of months before the incident, Antoine reported being abused by her foster parents. However, she said she did not remember any of the details of the crime, and her memory was not what it used to be. Nonetheless, the police were able to see that she had posted a self-congratulatory, or so she thought, selfie on Gargol’s Facebook page hours before the murder.

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