Cherry Wood Step Stool

Why Buy a Cherry Wood Step Stool?

Cherry wood step stools can be an invaluable aid to helping children access hard-to-reach objects in the kitchen or laundry room, such as pots and pans stored high up in tall cabinets. Furthermore, these step stools come in handy in bedrooms too, for reaching high shelves or finding those elusive bins of linens tucked away at the corner of their rooms.

These stools are among the best-rated on the market and come in various colors. Many feature built-in handles that make them easier to move around while some even come equipped with extra steps for extra height. Prices can range depending on design features like removable backrests for increased stability – making this versatile piece essential in any kitchen, laundry room or bathroom for accessing soap dispensers and hand towels!

Cherry wood furniture hardwood is beloved among home chefs and decorators, revered for its exquisite beauty and special aging process. Starting as light golden-pink in color, over time its hue darkens to rich reddish brown tones with an exquisite shine that only grows more striking over time. Durable enough for long-term use, cherry is an excellent value investment choice that provides years of pleasure for families of any kind.

Cherry wood furniture offers many advantages over alternatives like teak and mahogany which come from forests threatened by deforestation and other environmental concerns. Another significant benefit is that real cherry wood naturally develops mineral deposits in its grain; this occurs as small black flecks accumulated where sap has been stored by sap cells in its cells. These natural characteristics add character and beauty while being environmentally-friendly alternatives that contribute to character and beauty in furniture pieces while being harvested sustainably from forests that threaten deforestation and other issues.

This two-step stool provides just enough lift to help children access cabinets with healthy snacks or pantry storage containers in the back corner. Its simplistic yet stylish design, coupled with a non-slip surface that prevents slipperiness, gives your child confidence while using it confidently. Sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds, this two-step stool folds flat for convenient storage underneath a table or in cabinet corner.

With just a jigsaw and some basic power tools, this DIY project will quickly become one of your family’s favorites. The wood package includes kiln dried lumber rough sawn at full 4/4 thickness and skip planed down to 15/16″. Free plans and video project instructions can be downloaded from The Wood Whisperer website.

This two-step stool makes a wonderful addition to any home, and comes in multiple different finish options to match any decor style. Easy assembly ensures lasting use; its sturdy ladder-style structure stands up well to wear and tear for long-term stability in any setting. Plus, its timeless classic styling makes this stool perfect. Plus it comes with darker traditional stain that perfectly accents any decor!

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