Chad Knaus Net Worth

Chad Knaus Net Worth

Whether you are a die-hard Chad Knaus fan or not, you will be interested to learn the net worth of the American singer and songwriter. He is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor who has achieved fame and fortune in both his career and his family. In this article, we will look at his early life and career, as well as his family life.

Early life

Throughout his career, Chad Knaus has worked with some of the best racing names in the sport. He has a long history of winning at the highest level of the sport. As of now, he has coached Jimmie Johnson to five consecutive Sprint Cup Championships.

Knaus is one of the most successful crew chiefs in NASCAR history. His career has seen him win 83 races at the top level of the sport. He has won 81 races as a crew chief for Jimmie Johnson. The pair have won seven championships together.

Earlier in his career, Knaus worked as a crew chief for his father, John Knaus. He also worked for other drivers including Darrell Waltrip, Steve Park, and Darrell Evernham. Knaus’ father also won a championship at Rockford Speedway.

Knaus worked for Hendrick Motorsports from 1993 to 1998. He also worked as crew chief for Stacy Compton during the Dodge test sessions. He was promoted to crew chief for the Stacy Compton team in October 2000. Knaus and Compton qualified third for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. They also scored five top 15 finishes.


Throughout his career, Chad Knaus has been one of the most successful crew chiefs in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Chad has helped Jimmie Johnson win 61 races, earning him six titles. He is also the only crew chief to win five consecutive championships.

Knaus was born in Rockford, Illinois, in 1971. He moved to North Carolina in 1991. During his early days, Knaus worked as crew chief for his father, John Knaus. He also competed in various races.

Knaus graduated from Jefferson High School in 1989. While he pursued his career in national automobile racing, he also worked as a reporter for Speed Channel’s NASCAR Performance program. He has also appeared in several television commercials. Chad and Brooke have two children. They live in Mooresville, North Carolina. Their net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Chad Knaus is currently a crew chief for Hendrick Motorsports. He will oversee the technical development of the company’s Chevrolet race cars. He is also responsible for personnel dedicated to the company’s four NASCAR Cup Series entries. Knaus will assume his new duties after the 2020 season.

Family life

During his 16-year career as a crew chief, he’s won more than his fair share of races, and in the process earned the coveted title of NASCAR’s longest serving employee. For a brief stint, Knaus was tasked with overseeing the nascent Dodge development program. As such, he’s overseen the construction of a plethora of bling bling worthy cars. As for the rest of his career, the best part of the job is the people. He’s worked for the likes of Stanley Smith and Dale Earnhardt Inc., and is currently working at Hendrick Motorsports.

One of Knaus’ most memorable achievements was being part of the crew that won the granddaddy of them all, the Daytona 500. In particular, he was part of the team that scored the first and the last lap wins of the race, a feat that was largely thanks to a young effervescent crew chief known as ‘K’. While he hasn’t ridden in the saddle since, Knaus has still churned out some mighty fine drivers.

Awards and recognition

During his tenure as crew chief for Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus has earned a number of awards and recognition. He is among only a few crew chiefs in NASCAR history to win five championships with the same driver. Knaus is also the only crew chief to win 29 playoff races.

Jimmie Johnson is currently a three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup series champion and leads the Nextel Cup series by 107 points. Last week, Johnson fought off a charging Brad Keselowski to win the Indianapolis race. His win moves him into the top four in points for the Sprint Cup series. Hendrick Motorsports is rebuilding after the retirement of Dale Earnhardt Jr. This year, Hendrick has a Xfinity team with promising young driver Chase Elliot.

Knaus has also been a driving force behind two of Jeff Gordon’s championships. He has led 18,912 laps and is the only crew chief to make playoffs in every NASCAR season since 2004.

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