Chad Hiltz Net Worth

Chad Hiltz Net Worth

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Known as “Bad Chad” to many fans, Chad Hiltz is an unconventional automobile designer. He turns everyday objects into award-winning vehicles. He is also an actor, a reality television celebrity, and a master builder. Chad Hiltz lives in Canning, Perth, Australia.

Chad Hiltz is the owner of Green Goblin Customs. He is famous for his innovative custom work, which earned him fame. His creations have won several awards, including first place in the Radical Custom category at the Castrol Radical Speed Sports show in Moncton, N.S. In addition to his work at Green Goblin Customs, Chad has also mentored legendary customizer Gene Winfield.

Chad Hiltz grew up in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, where he was raised by his parents Doug and Patricia. When he was fourteen, he drove his mother’s car to school. He became interested in vintage cars after watching the old ones drive into his father’s gas station. He convinced his father to buy a ’34 Ford three-window coupe, which had an unusual collection of hockey cards.


Throughout his career, Chad Hiltz has achieved many things. He has earned many awards and has received recognition for his work as a car customizer. He is also famous for his tv show “Bad Chad Customs” which has gained him a lot of fame. As a result of his work, Chad Hiltz has also earned a lot of money.

Hiltz is the owner of Green Goblin Customs, a custom car shop. He also owns an online store that sells merchandise for $40 to $100. He has a YouTube channel as well. He has a Twitter account, and is active on Instagram as well. He posts about cars that he has customized, as well as cars that he has designed.

Chad Hiltz is 50 years old. He was born in Kingsport, Australia, to Doug and Patricia Hiltz. He has light brown eyes, a 32-inch waist, and black hair. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Social media presence

Inventive master builder Chad Hiltz is a renowned television personality who is now the proud owner of a small, Nova Scotia based car shop. He also happens to be a local celebrity thanks to the Discovery Channel’s Bad Chad Customs show.

Chad Hiltz is known for his ability to turn junk into beautiful cars. He does this by using recycled materials and assembling everyday objects into one-of-a-kind vehicles. Chad’s ingenuity, though, may be hard to comprehend for the common man. His imagination is what really sets him apart from most car builders.

The Bad Chad Customs show focuses on Chad’s efforts to reopen his car shop. The show features Chad’s son, Colton, as an apprentice. The show also features his long time friend and mechanic, Alex.

The show is a hit and has a large following. The YouTube channel for Bad Chad Customs has more than a million views.

Chad Hiltz is also known for his ability to build a Bugatti out of a chicken coop. His shop in Canning, Nova Scotia, is now a tourist destination. He also has an eCommerce store where fans can purchase Hiltz products.

Life-long assets

Known as “Bad Chad” by car enthusiasts around the world, Chad Hiltz is a car customizer who is renowned for his one-of-a-kind custom cars. Chad’s unique technique allows him to turn ordinary items into award-winning vehicles, using scrap materials. He uses a creative approach to build his custom cars, which are sold for a low price.

Chad Hiltz’s lifelong love for cars began as a child. He used to spend time in his father’s gas station and was fascinated by the vintage cars. He was particularly interested in his uncle’s 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. At age 14, Chad was driving his mother’s 1946 Dodge to school. But, at sixteen, he decided to quit school and become a father. He convinced his father to sell his rare hockey card collection to buy his first car.

When Chad Hiltz was a teenager, he took a auto body course at a local college. He eventually decided to start his own business. He moved to Canning, Nova Scotia, where he established his business, Green Goblin Customs.

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