Celebrity Pink Jeans Shorts

Celebrity Pink Jeans Shorts Review

Mid rise short crafted from soft and stretchy pink denim with five pockets, zipper and button front closure and figure flattering fit.

Who Is Celebrity Pink? Celebrity Pink is an LA-based lifestyle brand that began by focusing on denim. Though they’ve expanded into other areas of fashion, denim remains their specialty – they continue to create jeans, shorts, skirts and jackets with distinctively denim-like qualities and fits. Launched in 2004, Celebrity Pink currently operates out of Montebello CA from their headquarters location. They’ve collaborated with influential figures like TV personality Ximena Cordoba which has provided additional public exposure and visibility for their brand.

Celebrity Pink’s Products Are Eco Friendly Although Celebrity Pink is headquartered in LA, most of their products are actually manufactured in China – rather than California or even the US. But this company remains environmentally-minded when producing garments – often using recycled cotton that uses half as much energy than regular cotton production, renewable fibers to reduce waste production, as well as new wash laser technology to achieve distressed looks without using chemicals in traditional washing processes.

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