Cast Of The Terminal List Donald Cerrone

The Cast of the Terminal List

The Terminal List is a new Amazon Prime Video series starring actor Chris Pratt. It was inspired by a Jack Carr novel and adapted by director Antoine Fuqua. The show is expected to premiere on June 1st. For starters, it features an impressive cast that includes a host of actors, actresses, writers, and production staff. Among the most notable are Michael Pizzimenti and Vincent E. McDaniel, who both co-produced the show.

It’s also worth mentioning that the production is also a test bed for various esoteric techniques and devices. The show will feature eight episodes, each averaging about 50 minutes in length. Additionally, the production is set to feature a colorful cast of characters, including a former Navy SEAL who is tasked with researching the mysteries of a company trapped in the desert.

Aside from starring Chris Pratt, the show will feature a bevy of notable mentions. While the cast isn’t quite as big as the cast of a hit TV series, a few recognizable names will be seen in the fray. Also of note are the production’s top guns, including Constance Wu and Taylor Kitsch. Moreover, it is being billed as the “first of its kind” for a number of reasons, the most notable being that the cast is composed of women. Another first is the presence of a cast member who has never acted in a major motion picture before.

The Terminal List isn’t a clone of the dozens of other “event” shows available on the streaming service, but it is a worthy addition to its catalog. It certainly deserves the title of best TV show of the year. Moreover, it is a worthy contender to the other big hitters of the genre, including HBO’s True Detective and Showtime’s Breaking Bad. In fact, a few months back, the series’ cast was given a star treatment and an invite to the show’s Hollywood home. That prompted a big reveal. Of course, that was before the news made the rounds.

Besides the cast of the Terminal List, the show features an all-star production crew and a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. Whether or not this proves to be the biggest hit yet remains to be seen. However, what is known is that it will definitely be worth the wait. From the looks of things, the show will be a lot of fun. Hopefully, the cast is able to maintain the momentum of the show’s early stages. As such, fans of the series can look forward to more episodes of The Terminal List in the coming weeks.

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