Cassie Carli Autopsy Report

Cassie Carli’s Autopsy Results Revealed

The autopsy results of Cassie Carli’s death are still a mystery, and the family is eager to know more about the cause of death. The autopsy report is still being analyzed by Florida investigators. However, the family is still waiting to hear the results. The autopsy report will reveal whether the girl’s death was accidental or intentional.

A shallow grave beneath a barn in Springville, Alabama was discovered shortly after Cassie Carli went missing. Nearly one week after Cassie Carli disappeared, the body was found. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office said the body was buried under disturbed dirt, and called in the Department of Forensic Sciences to investigate the death. Initial identification was made by a tattoo on the right leg.

In the months following her death, Spanevelo, a resident of Panama City Beach, was arrested. He was charged with providing false information and tampering evidence. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, which is heavily redacted, reveals that he had texted someone to ask about Carli’s whereabouts. The person was then informed that Carli had a problem with her car. He returned home to Panama City Beach.

According to the autopsy report, Marcus Spanevelo was Carli’s ex boyfriend and father of her daughter when she vanished on Mar. 27. Her father reported her missing on Mar. 28 and she was found behind the restaurant on Mar. 28 and on Mar. He said that Spanevelo told him to drop off her daughter somewhere in the middle of Destin. The investigation revealed that Spanevelo had connections to the area where her body was found.

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