Carson Roney Wnba Draft

Carson Roney – WNBA Draft Prospect

Carson Roney is a celebrated college basketball player who has also established herself as an influential social media influencer. She hails from Shawnee State University’s basketball team, boasting an immense following across various platforms. Carson regularly posts content like dance, lip-sync and comedy videos onto her channels. Carson has collaborated with major brands like MAC Cosmetics, Coca Cola and Garnier Fructis among many others.

Roney was born and raised in Waverly, Ohio. At Eastern Pike High School for her high school studies, she excelled at both volleyball and basketball – she’s the daughter of David Roney and Ginger Rase with one sister named Cassidy and one brother named Camden. Growing up with a professional basketball player for a father means she has taken to playing it competitively since childhood.

Carson has built her brand outside the court through her elegant street style and long limbs, becoming an advocate for gender equality in sports as she works as both an athlete and social media influencer. She boasts an incredible following on her Instagram account as well as running her own clothing line which she operates successfully.

Adrien Nunez is a well-known basketball player and social media influencer who she currently dates. Together they run their own YouTube couple channel where they feature videos featuring both basketball and comedy skits/dance videos.

Her content is engaging, relatable and captivating to her audience – something which has enabled her to expand her following on all platforms and amass millions of views across them all. With such an impressive follower count she has also garnered several sponsorship opportunities; currently she is one of the most in-demand female basketball players nationwide with massive followings on all major social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram as well as her YouTube channel dedicated to women’s health and fitness.

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