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McDonald’s Expands Cars Toy Line

McDonald’s has added the Cars series to its toys line. In addition to classic designs, the line now features characters from the Cars on the Road television series that premiered on Disney+ earlier this month. The toys feature everything from Lightning McQueen from the “Caveman” episode to Road Rumblers. In addition to toys, the line also features stickers, including new designs of the iconic Road Runner and his famous “Lightning McQueen” car.

In the past, McDonald’s has collaborated with Disney to create movie toys. In 1983, they released Hot Wheels, which have become highly collectible items. They also released a Star Wars Happy Meal in 2008. These toys now have a value of more than $40. The company also promotes environmental awareness and the Earth Day campaign through toys such as a bird feeder and binoculars.

Disney Pixar and McDonald’s have teamed up to create a new series called Cars On the Road. This new series stars Mater and Lightning McQueen, as well as other famous characters from the franchise. The series also includes Cruz Ramirez, from Cars 3, and Ivy the monster truck.

Also, the creepy dolls of McDonald’s are highly collectible. Some dolls come with their own stories. Some dolls sell for hundreds of dollars, while others go for more than $200. Interestingly, these dolls are among the most expensive toys available from McDonald’s.

The Cars app allows you to create your own adventures using the Cars characters. The app even features activities that are themed after each episode of the Cars on the Road television show. The app allows users to choose their favorite character and drive the car. Each stop has a themed activity.

As a part of its new direction toward healthier eating, McDonald’s is now offering branded merchandise. It’s also launching a new quarter-pound fan club, which will include a range of branded swag. The brand now sells burger-scented candles as well as heart lockets and cars.

McDonald’s toys have a long history. A burger or soft drink in a box is the most popular meal of all. A Happy Meal box was first introduced in the 1970s with a toy such as a stuffed animal. McDonald’s introduced a new Happy Meal Box in the 1990s. This meal included a soft drink, fries, and a toy.

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