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If you’re a wiki reader, you’ve probably come across the character Finn_McMissile. He’s an animated character from the ’90s who loves cars and the Internet. He’s a fun character to read about and see in action.

Cars sees Finn McMissile, a British spy vehicle, mistakenly mistaken for an American spy. Mater recruits him to solve a conspiracy. They work together to solve the mystery, and stop the bad guys. Finn McMissile keeps many secret gadgets in his car that help him defeat evil forces. He loves Disney theme parks but is most often on missions.

Michael Caine voiced Finn McMissile in the first film. Martin Jarvis voiced Finn McMissile in the video game adaptation. The tailfins of the spy car were inspired by a 1958 British sports car called the Peerless. Finn McMissile’s car is equipped with advanced technology and weapons and is best suited for children aged five to twelve.

McMissile’s ability to steal Mater’s car makes him a highly sought-after asset. In one episode, Mater and Finn were caught in a race while McMissile was trying to stop the lemons. Mater and Finn are caught when Mater accidentally crashes into McMissile’s car.

The car has multiple modes. Hydrofoil mode features retractable foils under the car and side directional fins. The Submarine Mode has rear wheels that can be transformed into propellers. The trunk houses the spare tire. The spy car has a built-in surveillance camera.

Jackson Storm, a Piston Cup racer, is another vehicle in the franchise. Armie Hammer and AJ Hamilton play this role. In the first film, he’s Lightning McQueen’s primary rival. In the third film, he’s a racer in the Piston Cup.

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