Cars Chuki

Cars Chuki

The video game features Chuki, the playable character from the Disney movie Cars. She is an anthropomorphic car that can be unlocked when a player reaches Clearance Level 6. Her light car is a lightweight one with bright pink paint and pink mirrors that reflect the Japanese “kawaii” style. Chuki is a news reporter for OEMs during the day and a singer at night.

There are non-canonical spinoffs of the Pixar MovieCars series. These include Cars 2, Cars 3 and Planes: Rescue, Fire & Rescue. There are many TV shows within the Disney-Pixar universe, in addition to the films. These include animated television series.

The Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure has Frank as the villain, but he is absent in Cars. He appears in a wooden 2D model that appears in the first level, Fancy Drivin’. Frank will charge at players when they race in the game. Players must avoid him. They may crash but can avoid Frank by avoiding his attacks.

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