Cars 3 Jim Reverick

Jim Reverick in Cars 3

Jim Reverick is one the ‘Next-Gen’ Piston Cup racers in Cars 3. He is sponsored by Carbon Cyber and replaces Bobby Roadtesta as the team’s driver. He has some notable races under his belt, placing seventeenth in the Georgia 500 and fourteenth at Heartland Motor Speedway. He starts in the Florida 500 in 18th place, but crashes into the infield grass. This causes him to crash. He restarts from the infield grass and finishes in nineteenth place. He is named after James Roderick, a senior assistant to the producers of the game.

Cars 3 is a great racing video game with lots of replay value and many vehicles to choose. The cars are well-designed and can be customized to suit your preferences. Cars 3 is a realistic racing game that is great for both children as well as adults.

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