Cars 2 Professor Z

Cars 2 Characters – Professor Z

Professor Z is a character from the Disney Pixar movie Cars 2. Thomas Kretschmann voices him, and he has a unique accent. In the movie, Professor Z is a weapon designer, and he is internationally sought after. To avoid being captured, he must first defeat the Gremlin. This is the main antagonist in the movie.

As the second-in-command of the lemons, Professor Z is a weapons designer and a subordinate of Sir Miles Axlerod. He is responsible for the creation of an electromagnetic pulse weapon disguised as a World Grand Prix camera that targets racers using Allinol fuel. The main villain of the film wants to turn the world against alternative fuels, and Professor Z intends to use his new weapon to achieve this goal.

Professor Z and his team travel from London to prepare the plan. They are accompanied by Mater, Finn, Victor Hugo, Vladimir Trunkov, and J. Curby Gremlin. Professor Z discovers McQueen’s allinol fuel has been switched to Fillmore’s organic fuel while they are in London. The Professor then explains that they need to go to the back-up plan to get McQueen.

The vehicle of the professor is painted in light and dark green. His face is gray, and he wears a monocle over his left eye. In addition to his appearance, he also carries a broken roof rack, representing a comb-over. His vehicle is modeled on a 1957 Zundapp Janus with the back seats facing in the opposite direction.

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