Carli Vs Thuren Suspensions

Carli Vs Thuren Suspensions

One of the first things you should look at when choosing a suspension is the build design of the system. Both the Carli and the Thuren suspensions have muscular designs, and both offer excellent suspension systems. For instance, the Carli suspension features factory-designed coil springs that can handle a lot of weight. However, the Thuren suspension offers more options, and is known for its perfect 1-inch rake and smooth ride.

The spring rate is also an important factor to consider when deciding between the two brands. While both brands use progressive springs, Carli’s are more expensive. If you want a softer ride while towing, you might want to go with the Carli suspensions. On the other hand, Thuren’s leaf springs have a lower spring rate and would need air bags sooner if you hauled a lot of weight.

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