Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance

Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Plan

Care Improvement Plus is a Medicare supplement insurance provider. This plan helps you pay for your hospital stays, doctor visits, and prescription drugs. It is a low-cost plan, and members can choose from a wide variety of medical providers. It also offers financial assistance for those who qualify for a low-income subsidy.

This plan provides comprehensive hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverage, as well as many extra benefits. It also includes dental and vision coverage. It also has strengthened benefits for members with a chronic illness. In addition, it has lowered generic drug co-pays across its Gold Rx plans. It currently serves over 30,000 members in the region.

The care improvement plan is unique in the Medicare Advantage market. It is designed to help Medicare beneficiaries with specialized conditions like diabetes and heart failure. By using a care management approach, Care Improvement Plus helps to reduce health care costs and boost primary care. Enrollment for Care Improvement Plus will begin Oct. 15, and services will start Jan. 1, 2013.

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