Care Bear Cutetitos

Care Bear Cutetitos

The 80s-era toy line Care Bears is relaunching in a new form: Care Bear Cutetitos. These cuddly teddy bears come with colorful wrappers and a “Care Spot” personality. Care Bear Cutetitos are a perfect gift for children of all ages.

The TV series premiered on CBS in September 2007 and aired for the first time on September 15. The series is part of the KEWLopolis block produced by DIC Entertainment and AG Entertainment. The TV series features a brand new theme song, performed by Kay Hanley, former Letters to Cleo singer. The music video was broadcast on Nickelopolis and Fox as well as MuchMusic.

Grumpy Bear is the Care Bear’s black sheep. Grumpy Bear is a unique bear among the other bubbly bears but is still a good friend. His personality matches his zodiac sign, Scorpio. Grumpy’s belly badge depicts a heart-shaped storm cloud.

Care Bears were originally painted by Elena Kucharik in 1981 for American Greetings cards. In 1983, the company decided to make the cute teddy bears into plush toys. The brand was able to get a television series and three feature films. The most recent series is titled “Unlock the Magic.”

The Care Bear Stare is often used by villains but it has also been used to treat human ailments. It was used in Care Bears to heal Professor Coldheart’s uncaring magical and temporarily cheer up Grumpy Bear during the Care-a-Lot episode, “Tell-Tale Tummy”. The Care Bears have a special stare to summon help.

Secret Bear makes his animated debut in the 1985 Care Bears movie. He’s been featured in many Care Bear media since then. He originally had orange-colored fur, but it changed to magenta in the 2000s toy series. Secret Bear is a listener and gives advice, regardless of gender.

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