Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Cara Delevingne has been a regular in public with no makeup for a while. On social media, she regularly posts photos of herself going about her daily activities, such as playing with animals. This is particularly striking given her impressive Instagram following. Many followers can be seen following her pictures of adorable animals.

It has been revealed that Cara Delevingne is a fan of body positivity, which has led to her embracing the no-makeup look in public. She has been updating her Instagram with candid photos of her life since her recent break from modeling. It’s refreshing to see a supermodel without the usual look.

As a model, Cara Delevingne has earned a huge following. Her Instagram page contains more than 33 million followers. It’s no wonder she’s popular among body-conscious followers. Many have praised her body positivity and she’s been called an actress and a body positive activist.

Although Cara Delevingne doesn’t wear makeup, it’s obvious she has a very beautiful complexion. Although she doesn’t need to use makeup to look amazing, it’s a good idea to have some. Red beanie is warm and flattering. Her hair is also naturally straight.

If you’re wondering why Cara Delevingne wore no makeup on the occasion of the River Island launch, it’s probably because she’s supporting Rihanna. She doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful, but she’s always accompanied by her makeup artist, Roberta Larosa.

This look was created using Dior’s Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy Super Potent Serum. The serum was applied to her eyebrows and lashes, and then finished with a gloss lip gloss. To add to the look, she also used the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Natural Red ($55).

For the makeup, she used a Dior Backstage face palette. Gold crystals were used to highlight her eyebrows and upper temple. Her eyes were also brightened with a longwear gold pencil. In the creases, she used a gold crystal to stand in for a winged line. She finished her look with a shimmery lip gloss.

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